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September 02, 2008


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@solak - yes, and I'm equally surprised how many are still in business in spite of their bad service. I agree with you on Southwest, they're a good flying option.


What is really too bad is how many companies (such as airlines) have "learned" this lesson about customer satisfaction by going out of business, and how many more will do so because they're still not listening. I do not travel much, but when I do, I am always picky about choosing an airline that has not yet messed up a trip for me. The remaining list has gotten shorter every trip until I switched to SouthWest. So far, the worst they've done is delay my luggage delivery for a few hours because a mechanical problem forced us to switch planes, and the luggage took a different route. But it did arrive; delivered to my doorstep.


Airline problems are SUCH a pain. And it's too bad for them since they lost you as a customer.

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